-the fold-

ritual // restoration // self-compassion


Supporting women through their fertility journeys with community based circles, womb massage and fertility yoga.


Inclusive and creative sessions focused on self-care and self-kindness drawing on yoga, journaling and meditation


Connecting with plants to enhance wellbeing through essential oils, flowers and cacoa


Welcome, I’m so glad you’ve found your way here. I’m Helen, yoga guide, writer, aromatherapist, a teacher for twenty-three years and always, always a student. I primarily work with people in the midst of a trying to conceive story, offering a safe space for you to be you. I offer eclectic sessions that include yoga-inspired movement, breathwork, guided relaxation and yoga Nidra. The intention is always to offer a place for you to come home to yourself.

My spaces are crafted carefully to give a deeply restorative experience for the heart, womb and soul, appropriate for all stages of the trying to conceive experience. You’re encouraged to shape our time together to suit you, your body and your nervous system. I encourage you to take the sessions in the direction that you need and this is a crucial feature of my teaching. I welcome anyone undergoing fertility treatment and we can work closely together to ensure that the sessions work for you. 

The Fold is a little studio nestled in my garden in bit between Stockport and Manchester, near the M60 pyramid of dreams. Built-in a pandemic and with no one yet to greet it (except me), it’s here that I teach yoga online and various other offerings such as journalling circles, essential oil workshops and other curiosities I’m passionate about. The space itself is in a sunny south-facing spot overlooking trees and flowers.

Teaching is my thing. I’m a teacher. An early years teacher for a decade, and for the last 13 years, a Senior Lecturer in Teacher Training. I’m a yoga teacher, and always always a student. I specialise in teaching Fertility Yoga – yoga to support women who are trying to conceive. Appropriate poses for this particular time. 

I make no bold claims that this will enhance chances of pregnancy, and indeed the ethics of the fertility wellness industry, and what is meant by Fertility Yoga is something I feel very passionate about. My offerings allow people to be with what is, in the company of others who ‘get it’. A space for soothe

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